5 Nisan 2013 Cuma

Inspirational : Emir Uras Art

Parallel to his architectural practice, Emir Uras also works as an artist, using drawing, painting, printing sculpture and animation as mediums for his work.
He is represented by C.A.M. Gallery in Istanbul.
The traces of his architectural background are very evident in his art, especially in his ‘crafted digital prints’ where he takes his drawings and paintings into another realm by modeling them, with the use of 3D computer technology and then printing them on various materials, sometimes reworking them again.
His abstract prints reflect, poetic rhythm and are dominant with curved, floating forms. His play with space and spaciousness has its source in nature and the continiuous exploration of consciousness through drawing. The interplay of forms and the layering of hovering perspectives create works which have their own nature. They linger in a gravity defying dance, communicating with each other and the viewer. 
He works with a professional team to develop his drawings and ideas into the final forms. Handan Yalki and Salih Küçüktuna assisted development of the Grace, Spiral and Sacred series.